Standup Paddles

AfricaSUP  carries the best of a great selection of  Quality Standup Paddles in Jeffreys Bay. Our lineup includes Full Carbon Race paddle to Surf Paddles and everything in between!

We are proudly the only Official Quickblade Paddle Dealers here  in Jeffreys Bay.

We have SUP paddles for sale Jeffreys Bay!

Many people have come up for a weekend surf or paddle and maybe a car door hits their paddle or some other unfortunate accident. We can provide you a replacement new paddle and we also do repairs and  paddle adjustments so we really do  service what we sell. Many a weekend surf trip has been saved in this way!

Since we are full time into  Standup Paddle we are more than happy to help you pick out and size your paddle properly. If you are maybe interested in test driving a new paddle before you buy, then just give us a shout and we’ll do our best set you up with a test run.

Below is the link to the full Quickblade paddle site where you can find a wealth of info about Standup Paddles and all of  the awesome Quickblade products!