AfricaSUP are Official South Africa Quickblade Paddle Dealers!

AfricaSUP are Official South Africa Quickblade Paddle Dealers!

Not everyone knows about the importance of having a good stand up paddle  to enhance your paddle experience and to improve your performance on the water. Jim Terrell at Quickblade paddles certainly does! He’s a Four-time Olympian. Quickblade Paddles founder. More top racers use Quickblade paddles than anyone else.

This huge commitment by Quickblade in  creating and developing world-class products is the main reason that AfricaSUP  brought these first class paddles to South Africa and to especially here to  Jefferys  Bay AfricaSUP shop!

You can immediately feel the difference in picking up a Quickblade. The lightness and balance are all excellent and once you’ve used on on the water you’ll never want to go back to your old paddle!

At AfricaSUP we provide expert advice and will cut and size your Quickblade paddles for you.

Quickblade Paddles AfricaSUP
Fresh Quickblade Paddles AfricaSUP

Pro Tips: Paddle Efficiency with Quickblade’s Jim Terrell


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